Our Services

Being a team of young designers and developers, we are able to contribute a fresh perspective to your vision that your audience can relate to, creating solutions that align perfectly with the Gen Z lifestyle.

Game Development

Game Dev is our forte.

We love our games. And being avid gamers helps us attain a real user perspective to perfect our game development and design strategies. We can help you build games in Unity, web-based, and console games. With over 4 years of solid experience in 2D and 3D games, we have successfully delivered to our customers across the world

iOS Development

If you are looking to build an iPhone app, you need to be fully cognizant of your target audience first. We do all the research that your iOS app development needs, and build iOS applications by focusing on the latest trends, technologies, user experience and a high standard of programming.

Android app Development

Over the years, our team has gathered invaluable experience building fast, high-performance, and secure mobile applications for Android and the Google Play store.

Our android developers can help you hone your app ideas, and do all the research. Once the development phase is over, we conduct user testing in real-life scenarios before launching it to the Google Play Store.

Web Development

We work as an all-encompassing web design company that offers web design and development services using a wide range of technologies. Our web developer team provides expert technical service to help you build your online shop or your business website using the latest technologies like

WordPress, Joomla, Magento, JavaScript, PHP, NODE Angular, .NET, Ruby

E-commerce website developer services

The key to building a successful e-commerce store lies in its functionality. While building an e-commerce website, our focus is on the primary purpose, along with cosmetics.

We specialize in Shopify development and setting up other online stores that give a flow and simplicity to keep your shoppers focused to buy the product.

Creative UX and UI designs

We also work as your UI UX design agency to build an interactive design for your digital product. Our team has hands-on experience in creating simple to use, easy to navigate and pleasing to look at, multilingual user interfaces for Website and Mobile Applications.

Talk to our UX/UI designer and discuss your vision of the user experience today.

Staff Augmentation

We offer staff augmentation services for any digital product development or digital transformation services where you can either work remotely with a team of specialist developers, designers and engineers or have them join your team on-site, to accelerate the work and deliver it quickly.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about empowering people with smarter ways of doing business. This includes developing business tools, ERP solutions, web-based applications and a plethora of other utilities that create better workflows and helps business owners and managers streamline their operations, manage their resources, and free up more time for life.

Product Development

Whether you need a dynamic web page or got an innovative web application integrating multiple functionalities; we have the expertise and innovative workflow strategies to produce sophisticated digital products that serve your purpose.

We have successfully developed and launched several digital products in PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, and various other frameworks.

Our Process


We spend time to understand the requirements, come up with the potential strategy to deliver premium results to our customers.


Our development team makes sure that we use latest technologies to deliver the client requirements.


Our Testers executes specific designed tests in order to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements.


After development and extension testing of the application, we deploy the solution to servers of customers.

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Our Testimonials


Thankyou so much for a wonderful solution for sports clubs and schools. So many comments on how fantastic you were!

Christopher Lieber


Wonderful experience. I recommended Qasim and would use him again. Excellent in his communications and fixed the issue with my app

Dale Ballard


Southlake Consulting demonstrated its credibility by maintaining me as a client. My problems were handled quickly and thoroughly thanks to their meticulous attention to detail. In the modern world, it is not easy to get. In my opinion, this is one of the most undervalued aspects of company ownership. Yet, they seem trustworthy with my project.

John Turk Fearless Fitness


Fantastic Individuals. I stumbled upon Southlake Consulting by mistake while looking for assistance in developing a website for my company. It was sheer good fortune that I did so. Experts in their area were timely, attentive, and detail-oriented professionals of the greatest calibre. In virtually every instance, the results were far more favourable than expected. I am pleased to offer the Southlake Consulting team the highest accolades possible.

Eric Toscano My Security deposit


When I decided to acquire the web development services of Southlake Consulting for my own business, I felt a tremendous feeling of relaxation. Ultimately, the outsourced team was able to provide a high-quality job that met all of my specifications. In addition, the Southlake Consulting team could meet all of our objectives by designing and constructing the appropriate infrastructure for us.

Aaron Hank CREO TECH


Everyone at this company has been dependable, responsive, and overall amazing to work with. To deliver a quality app you need a team of people with diverse skills and Techificent is a one-stop shop for all of my needs. Thanks so much for being a great business partner!

Delmonik Contee


Southlake Consulting is a regime of expert Mobile and web developers. Crazy guys crazy work and 100% satisfaction. I must recommend Techificent for amazing work in economical cost.

Norman Josiffe